Apple iPhone 4S Prototype (HD)

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READ MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS This awesome video and roundup was created by GamerGamesDesgin and I have full permission to use this video. “Apple iPhone 5 Prototype” Made by GamerGames Design™ For more information go to: http SONG: Globus Wyatt Earth IMPORTANT! You may upload this video to your channel. But: You need (!) to put GamerGames Design, in your video description. Then you may upload it with full permission. GamerGames Design™ the Apple iPhone 5 in 3D. I made it at 20 July – 14 August 2011. Before the real model was even released! I think it won’t be a spectacular new design, just like the iPhone 3G and 3Gs, but it will be much faster! It will have a A5 Dual Core chip like the iPad 2, and 8MP camera with Full HD (1080P) video camera, and just a 1/3rd thinner! It will be 6231 Micronmeter (6.2 Millimeter) thin. Don’t forget a aluminium case at the backside, like the iPad and MacBook. The revolutionary iOS 5 and Nuance technology. That will be the new iPhone 5. Waiting for the official release from the iPhone 5, but for now we need to speculate about it. Tell us what you think, so comment, like and donate to GamerGamesDesign for his great work then go ahead as he deserves all he can get So Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and Dont forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe
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