Second installment of epic skyrim battles where i put many giants up against a variety of other creatures and animals. As you can see it was a very one sided fight with the Giants reaping total destruction onto the little furries. Hope you guys enjoy. A like and comment would be great. Thanks. More fun skyrim videos to come. Tutorial I think it only works for the PC , 1. To spawn multiple objects, weapons or animals you are going to need the object id , to get the id you need to go into the console by pressing ` . So for example if i want to spawn dogs i would press ` then type help dogs 0. You will now be presented with the code you need to spawn a dog. 2. Once you have the code and say you want to spawn a dog you would press ` then type player.placeatme “code” “No of dogs” and thats all really. There are different codes for items and such so here is a link to a list of console commands. And it may even have a better tutorial than mine here. Computer Specs – Intel Core I7 950 3.07 Ghz ASUS P6X58D-E Corsair 8GB ram DDR3 Nividea GeForce GTX 460 SE ( Gaming wasn’t in mind when i built the PC ) The graphics card works pretty well considering.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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