Youtube Thumbnail Tutorial 2012 EDITION

Posted: 7th April 2012 by iluminatu_admin in Uncategorized
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READ — MORE INFORMATION — below if you have problems making this work! Many comments are answered by private messages, so the most important answeres are featured. Thanks to SGToverkillCOD for optimimalization: I really need a new background to my channel. If you have any experience with channel backgrounds, pleas contact me. You can promote your username on this background, so you promote your own channel. Tell me what to make a tutorial of next 😉 — MORE INFORMATION — – It can take up to 36 hours for your thumbnail to update. – It will work with all editing software. – If it doesn’t show up in the suggestion box, make your thumbnail even longer before you render it. – Your specialized thumbnail will not show up in the news feed and smartphones youtube apps. – If you want to change the thumbnail of an already finished video, you can trim it to get new thumbnail suggestions. However, this is not nearly as effective as following this video tutorial. – *Important* When you update information on your video, do not use the “Edit” under video manager! Why? Cause for every change you do, it will update your thumbnail with the last thumbnail suggestion in the “trimmed” video. Go to your video and select “Edit info” instead! Song: Ronald Jenkees – Throwing Fire ENJOY!
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