2010 Acura TL – DRL LED SMD lights with high beam functions you can buy it at IJDMTOY.com very easy to install as well took me about 5 mins.
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WWW.CHEAPEUROPARTS.COM This video will demonstrate the difference between a regular light bulb and a SMD LED Light Bulb. Thank you
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  1. aLaN Cito says:

    I need help getting to the bulb. Can anyone assist me in how to replace the bulb with the led SMd bulb I ordered?

  2. Ojas Datt says:

    you wont get a drl error if you use a restorer

  3. MHPtrooper31 says:

    Are these 20000k?

  4. UnboundLegend says:

    Looks nice

  5. lexusfan100 says:

    nice..is ur DRL and low beams as one bulb/function?

  6. bigthurm85 says:

    Did you have to use the drl decoder kit to keep the error message from appearing?

  7. richadNtexas says:

    Since I started perusing this stuff, I’ve learned that there are SMDs and there are SMDs. What’s the advertised output of these LEDs? What size diameter? Thanks for the post

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