Review T10 1W 9*5050 SMD Car LED Light Bulbs from Dealextreme DX item link – More Car Lights items from Dealextreme Link – DX item description: T10 0.7W 6500K 58LM 9xSMD LED White Light Bulbs for Car (Pair/12V) Material: PCB Emitter Type: SMD LED Total Emitters: 9 Power: 0.7W Color BIN: White Rated Voltage: 12V Luminous Flux: 48 ~ 58LM Color Temperature: 6000 ~ 6500K Connector Type: T10 Application: Car reading / license plate light etc. Test car – Subaru Forester 2010 Works in vehicles such as Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, etc that use a T10 bulb

This video shows how to solder SMD LEDs onto Clover House PCB and make your own lighting board for coaches etc. The previous video shows how to make a stay alive capacitor circuit to stop any light flicker using DCC track power. More on SMD lighting is in my book available from BHI Publications in the USA.
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  1. StupidLamo says:

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  2. mrBubastik says:

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  3. jazvai says:

    Song Title please!

  4. mrBubastik says:

    [Song title] Uncle Sid
    [Album] ANW1037 – Children, Comedy
    [Artist] Barrie Gledden, Richard Lacy

  5. kox dean says:

    song title?

  6. turman2000 says:

    Hola, a mi también me gusta el tema de los leds, estoy haciendo varias cosillas… Si quieres puedes verlo en mi canal, tambien puedes ver como ilumino un cuarto de baño con leds. Si te ha gustado no dudes en suscribirte.

    Un saludo y gracias de antemano

  7. mrBubastik says:

    – You can even click on the button “subscribe” ;))

  8. mrBubastik says:

    – thanks))

  9. Dalgor123 says:

    Have had a lot of these, both on the headlamps and on the inside of my car. The general time the leds will work is usually about 2-5 months after which they start to fail (the individual emitters). Although this doesn’t matter much as the leds are cheap so I can gladly change them when they start to fail.

  10. Marzel87 says:

    I clicked on the dislike button by accident. The only way to cancel it was pressing the like button. Good for you 😉

  11. mrBubastik says:

    – it seems that bad luck – in me working for over a year without any problems …

  12. VitalElectrocomp says:

    Excellent !! 


    Google Vital Connectors

  13. mrBubastik says:

    – right! thanks))

  14. trulymeparker says:

    and less heat so they don’t destroy the inside of the lens

  15. mrBubastik says:

    – agree – LED bulbs brighter, and load on the generator (battery) less – 1w vs 5w…
    and It means less fuel consumption

  16. trulymeparker says:

    I put 4 of these in my dashboard, very bright now. Check my vid out

  17. IvanTrunk says:

    Yes, Energy saving .

  18. SMDSchablonen says:

    Your video was nice thanks man 🙂

  19. Devour Wings says:

    Thank you.

  20. scoopmmr says:

    They are 0603 warm white SMD LEDs

  21. Devour Wings says:

    what size LED’s are those?

  22. scoopmmr says:

    I show all the information on how to install SMD LEDs into marker lamps in my book.
    Google BHI Publications and click on “Railroad” and you will see my book.

  23. aocruiser says:

    Awesome how to video!

  24. holry7778 says:

    Great stuff as always Laurie. Now I want to see hoe you do those HOn3 marker lights fron start to finish 🙂

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