www.stealthauto.com A quick video showing how to assemble a HID / Xenon kit with Anti Flicker Capacitors. This process is the same for 97% of cars out there. If you have any questions please give us a call (310) 312 5555.

  1. Shawn Mc says:

    hi I have a 2013 elantra coupe I connected the hids they work fine but it has a manaual trans when I come off the clutch the flicker the hid relay is buzzing really loud do you think I need the anti flicker??

  2. obaida ibrahim says:

    hi .. i have a 2002 mini cooper can i do it ? ,

  3. Bob jackson says:

    Hi, I have BMW e46 316i 2004, this one, Error Code Cancellers, do i need it or not ?

  4. Bob jackson says:

    can you look at my clip and you will help me, Please

    BMW E46 xenon HID kit, Help ???

  5. djthebes1 says:

    Ok my have a old capacitor. Can I intall both or just the new capacitor?

  6. 252656234 says:

    Hi, does these xenon HID kit work for all cars because i read from a website that it’s on a selection of vehicle’s ? If they do have a specific type of cars, which would work on BMW 316i 2004 and which is the best quality! Thanks.

  7. Junior Morales says:

    these anti flickers are on ebay as well for 10 bucks a pair free shipping

  8. hamiltoncouple01 says:

    No need for these. All you need is aluminum resistor, 55w-100w, 6-10ohms, from e-bay for under $10 for a pair.

  9. hamiltoncouple01 says:

    Rip-off warning: Name:180in , Location: China;, E-bay.

    Stay away from ” 180in ” from china. Shit ballasts that fail in 30 days, and they don’t want to replace them. Bulbs are very low quality.

    And if they agree to replace, you’re stuck with shipping costs, then by the time they get your ballast, test it, and re-send it to you, it’s over 2 months.

    That seller is a joke.

  10. 911Privacy says:

    anti flicker capacitors Not work with any car . am tring 4 

  11. Waseem Khadam says:

    I have Vauxhall Insignia 2012 model and recently got HID kit installed with decoder (Error canceller) but computer system is still showing errors. Had replaced capacitors with the new ones but still i am getting errors. Any solution would be appreciated..


  12. Daniel Wasswa says:

    dude i like your style , straight to the point,

  13. PmCZAkuan says:

    what is the difference between a relay harness resistor and a capacitor?

  14. PmCZAkuan says:

    i want to order one of these but im afraid that it might mess up the computer of my bmw 2002 330ci. are this really safe?

  15. FOX11GUY says:

    HID = Highly Inconsiderate Driver

    Basically driving with high beams all the time.

  16. mjay2m says:

    best explanation since i have been searching YouTube for how to install the HID kits, thanks

  17. spencer82rocks says:

    Perfect thanks since 2009 I’m using already 6 sets of his on my g35 and Volkswagen passat but they won’t last so it think I need the canceller decoder or capacitor the one that u show on this video.

  18. tranhu1 says:

    Yes you can but dont buy from stealth auto,theyre said sell canbus hid kit but theyre send china kit made in china charge over 100 work like 32 dollars on ebay kit .

  19. toth376 says:

    can I grow weed with HID”s

  20. sean Curran says:

    I have a HID kit H7 55watt but when i put in my car they flicker, i now know that i need a warning canceler, but does the canceler and the hid ballast need to have the same voltage input?
    The HID kit has printed on it 8-32V in, but will a 9-16V canceler work on this kit?

    Please Respond 🙂

  21. Erick Aragon says:

    CAN these Cancellers do the same thing as an HID relay harness, to where its supposed to protect the vehicles wires and electrical?

    Reason i ask is because on my ’02 e46 I plugged in these Warning cancellers into my HID relay harness i had already installed, however, the Warning light on my dashboard did not go away. as soon as i uninstalled my relay harness and plugged in the Cancellers directly into the ballast just like how you explain in this video, the light went away.

    Please respond.

  22. urim225 says:

    thank you for the response 🙂

  23. StealthAuto says:

    each kit is a pair, so it will come with two bulbs, two ballasts, two wiring kits.
    if you only want to convert your low beams you will need one kit,
    If you want to do your low beams and fog lights then you will need two kits.

  24. urim225 says:

    hi i want to put some xenon lights on my bmw 320d e46 but i dont know if i must order two packs of xenon sets so 4 xenon lights with 2 ballast or do i need just one set ?

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