How to Install an HID Kit from Beginning to End

Posted: 17th February 2013 by iluminatu_admin in Uncategorized
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These are step-by-step instructions on how to install an HID Kit. This video covers what to check for when you receive your HID Kit, how to properly disconnect your OEM Headlights prior to install, disconnect your OEM halogens, wire the HID Kit harness to the factory headlight harness without cutting or splicing any wires, securely mount the HID ballasts and shows a HID Kit installed and fully functional.

  1. Ivor RedOne says:

    Not a good idea to set up High beam as there will be a delay in the lights coming on. Best only to use with Main Lighting

  2. Ivor RedOne says:

    my kit came with a Harnessing wiring assembly with relay. How is this fitted? Thanks

  3. Jeffrey Kalasius says:

    Hey did you not have to connect it to the battery ? and also how does the kit connect with the switch inside the car to turn the lights on ?

  4. 252656234 says:

    Hi, does these xenon HID kit work for all cars because i read from a website that it’s on a selection of vehicle’s ? If they do have a specific type of cars, which would work on BMW 316i 2004 and which is the best quality! Thanks.

  5. quepiid says:

    if you get them from a store yes about $100…ebay and amazon muchh muchhhhh cheaper

  6. TheMedlymoore1 says:

    I’m so sick of people saying oh you gotta use projectors, no u don’t it helps but it’s not a death sentence use guys make it sound like blasphemy. Holy shot chill out man!!!!

  7. kentuckykid90 says:

    Ya he didnt replace houseing so now this dumbass is blinding people

  8. TheZombiechimaira says:

    What if I dont have projector lights?

  9. Unique539 says:

    Question can you do the high beam and low beam on a dual headlight bulb set up? or can you only do either one?

  10. Jesse Hester says:

    Does anyone know why my lights don’t work on bright

  11. soccerpeve02 says:

    All of the nice rubberized plugs…then they don’t even bother with the connection to the original clip? Ghetto bare plugs? Tape for waterproof? I’m a fan of electrical tape but wow….

  12. thompson41240 says:

    Why was the right bulb brighter than the left?

  13. Michael C says:

    10k is going to be deep blue so the light output is going to be shitty and most likely you will not be able to see as good as your stock headlights. I personally recommend staying under 7k for the most brightness. Make sure you have projectors in your car though.

  14. KingKevin2323 says:

    Is 10 k to bright? I understand that the brighter the faster it dies but does that mean it’s way too bright

  15. rocker85675 says:

    hopefully you used proper projector headlight’s and not your factory composite ones. if you have them in your factory housings your blinding everyone

  16. rocker85675 says:

    only at startup, they run at about half of the power consumption of a halogen bulb. when you start your car power is strained as all your systems are asking for power and often therer is not enough left to fire the ballasts. you can either use a relay or use your e-brake to keep your headlights off untill the car is started and the initial straign on the alternator is gone

  17. rocker85675 says:

    unless you have a relay then yes. hid draw alot of power to start up, then run effeciently. when you start your car ALL your systems are starting up and your system is strained. i just use my e-brake untill the car is running then take it off, no problems.

  18. huhhman says:

    That looks like 1 cheap ballast…

  19. Luke Kim says:

    As you can see this following link :
    a HID light gives highly critial influnce to other cars.
    Reject install the lights please~

  20. radicalphantom1 says:

    unless you want a dead battery then yes, they draw a lot of power

  21. CyberPunk733 says:

    so, I’ve been reading that you must disable automatic headlights and only turn on aftermarket HID’s when your engine is running, is this true?

  22. XBobMarleyX13 says:

    5:00 make sure u don’t tape the positive and negative together, put a thick layer between them

  23. khizer bokhari says:

    very help full thanks!!!

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