How to Install Bi-Xenon HID: Honda Civic 1992-2002

Posted: 18th February 2013 by iluminatu_admin in Uncategorized
Tags: , , , , How to Install Bi-Xenon HID’s Do it Yourself Installation of HID Xenon Headlights on a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback. This installation will work on the following year models 1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002 Direct Product Link: Kit Used: XenonSupply Standard Bi-Xenon kit Bulb Type: H4 Bi-Xenon Bulb Color: 6000K Brought to you by For the quickest response please submit questions to

  1. mzurbuch says:

    Does it need to be grounded to work?

  2. Joe DeGaetano says:

    The most important tool you need when installing HIDs are P-R-O-J-E-C-T-O-R-S.

  3. kevin chen says:

    I got hid for my 2003 honda civic 4 door and do I need the relay harness in order to power up the headlights?

  4. sniperindahed7 says:

    ok bi xenon bulbs are sometimes crroked (bent) because they move when back and forth for your lo/hi beams, so i was wondering, which way do i install them? bent towards down? or bent towards up?

  5. MrBmario21 says:

    only if you are have the hi/lo kit will you need the harness

  6. MrBmario21 says:

    look at the bulb and see

  7. TheRmz12 says:

    my 96 civic came with a 99-00 front conversion are the bulb going to be different?

  8. fj717 says:

    I have a HID kit installed, H4, high beam on a 2003 civic, but the problem is… when i turn the high beam on, it takes time to power up to it’s highest capacity.. It’s very weak in the start and after almost 30 seconds, it power ups to its full capacity. What’s the problem here? Are the bulbs of low quality? Or the ballasts are stupid ones?

  9. aDonAyaLa says:

    What a sloppy job

  10. hakken111 says:

    Does it matter if i have a amplifier installed? ( sound system )

  11. Paulhundreds says:

    @mclovin50 hey I was gonna get this kit in the future, can you tell me why it’s illegal and what you can do to make it legal? I hope you weren’t trolling. 😮

  12. Joe DeGaetano says:

    HIDs in any headlight setup without projectors are ILLEGAL because of the insane amount of glare.

  13. danwat1234 says:

    They are legal enough. Don’t get a crazy color, stick to white HIDs (4500K, 5000K and maybe 6000K) and you won’t make any trouble. If a cop asks, lie and don’t pop the hood.

  14. slprn67 says:

    no relay harness needed for the install?

  15. SirMerkz says:

    what about a 2003 civic i dont see why this wouldnt work on 2003 model the bulb type is H4

  16. Deeznuts56295 says:

    My 02 civic HID kit looks alot different

  17. GladmanUSMC says:

    Do they work with the stock high/low beam switch, or do you have to put in a new switch

  18. 100mickey says:

    are this bi-xenon HID lights street LEGAL?

  19. VitalElectrocomp says:

    Excellent !!


    Google Vital Connectors

  20. Jaysmdts1 says:

    which one is the green and purple?

  21. Blix718 says:

    You can buy a slim ballast.

  22. H20MarkVIII says:

    then its because of a loose or broken/frayed connections

  23. dgaleno2012 says:

    they were on the car already i have like a month with him. i didnt move the wires i just saw that one didnt turn on on a raining day when i got close to a car and only saw one light. i checked later on moved the little motor and each side i manage to turn it on now that one stays on but the other one has the problem that turns off when ever i accelerate

  24. H20MarkVIII says:

    Your battery could be low on voltage(needs replacement), your alternator isn’t putting out enough power once you rev it(headlight will turn off when you rev it in neutral ) or you didn’t properly install the wires

    Most likely thing would be that you didn’t ground the ballasts properly, take the connections to the car body off then grind the paint off till you see shiny metal and reconnect the wire. You may want to put electric grease on all exposed wires to protect from corrosion.

  25. dgaleno2012 says:

    hey i have some similar to this. when every i am in gear and accelerate one of my lights turn off what can it be?

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