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  1. Specdtuninginfo says:

    no it is for a 05-09 tC

  2. JsnLwrnce says:

    removing the bumper? is this even for ’12 tc?

  3. Specdtuninginfo says:

    You should check the wiring. 

  4. Victor Vera says:

    hi im victor i have a ? the upper corner its the backup light nnow and the bottom its the signal

  5. ALex mercer says:

    4:04 why does the music change too einhandler theme.

  6. Alex Dominguez says:

    Hav you fixed the reverse light fitting problem? I want to buy these but I read everyone complains.

  7. 09victoryrc says:

    You had to remove the bumper ?

  8. moocat123 says:

    I have the correct reverse light bulb, but the plastic harness won’t stay in the back of the light, no matter how much I try to twist it in there. It just falls right back out. This seems to be a common problem?

  9. Vasiliy P says:

    i think that where i bought them. 

  10. Specdtuninginfo says:

    Thanks! visit K2motor.com to get yours today! =D

  11. Vasiliy P says:

    im gonna get xactly taillights as you Got.  nice lights 🙂

  12. Specdtuninginfo says:

    well, everyone has their preference.. some prefer OEM, some prefer a different style

  13. dmolition123 says:

    No offense but the original ones are wayyyyy better

  14. willy213 says:

    Great DIY Video!! Thumbs up!! But those taillights are fucking disgusting to look at. If I see any ricer wit these taillight I’ma slap the crap outta them.

  15. Vtrjfrost says:

    thankyou for responding

  16. Specdtuninginfo says:

    apologies everyone. But you have to know that your standard bulb will definitely not fit with these LED tail lights. our products come with the LED bulbs included. There’s a difference between LED tail lights and your standard Altezza tail lights. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  17. Vtrjfrost says:

    yea and its funny thers so many comments on the reverse light too!! why the fuck do they ignore them?? they know it doesnt fit right! fuck spec d faggots

  18. Specdtuninginfo says:

    These are LED tail lights, not your regular Tail lights. The bulbs are smaller, and you dont transfer the bulbs, just the harness. Are you sure you purchased the correct tail lights? our LED tail lights already come with bulbs, and regular tail lights can be replaced with stock bulbs.

  19. iisuite says:

    Yeah that’s why I sent mine back and got ALL my money back! They don’t deserve to make money off of me or anyone for that matter!

  20. Vtrjfrost says:

    i got them to work finally ugh. and yea the bulb i need is a smaller size,yea they knew it didnt fit thats why in both videos they dont show how to put the reverse light in.fucking scam!

  21. iisuite says:

    Just return them! I did! They expect you to get a different size bulb which is way smaller and really dim and you can barely see it when reversing! As far as your lights not working right, I assume you have some of the wires mixed up and plugged into the wrong ones.

  22. Vtrjfrost says:

    dude the bulb doesnt fit. i just bought them and even WITH the adapter harness the hole in the light will no accomodate the bulb???!!!

  23. Vtrjfrost says:

    they know that it doesnt fit! i just bought some and they dont fit the bulb is way to big thats why they skipped it! not to mention mine. idk why but only the turn and hazard lights work. please help? why dont the regular back ones just stay on???

  24. Specdtuninginfo says:

    maybe you’re not plugging the correct bulb into the sockets or your bulb is just a different size. check with a mechanic or look around online to check out fitments

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