www.dutch-passion.nl This grow will make you think differnt about autofloweriing cannabis. Grown by Seymour-budz This new Think Differnt strain makes you do just that. growing with DWC AND LED lights. go to the Autoflower Network for more info www.autoflower.net
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My dash is near completion! ­čśÇ After a lil hick up with the led’s im on my way again ­čśÇ Currently painting the dash so an finished update will be up in a few days time.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. JOHNNYcannabisSEED says:

    I ÔÖą sensimilla!´╗┐

  2. jmpmcd says:

    how many watt´╗┐ bro ,when dou count your 75day from? first sprout?

  3. spoeman says:

    eek a mouse´╗┐ sensie

  4. 300grand456 says:

    whats the name of´╗┐ the first song

  5. wyatt smith says:

    i wonder if my titan flo-grow flood and drain system under my 3 1000 watt solis-tek powered magnum xxxl hoods would produce´╗┐ about the same as this….just ordered 60 of these seeds……wish me luck

  6. Tom Jefferson says:

    Just constructed my own LED. But nice grow man, I saw this vid long time ago, but always come back to see the best of everything in 1 grow. DWC,LED…´╗┐ that combination right there with proper handling, and little to no user error.. You will be able to produce plants like this

  7. Ido. Rambaldo. says:

    eek a mouse´╗┐

  8. slimdrag00n says:

    Seeing a bunch of´╗┐ pictures made this video suck.

  9. nwbauer91 says:


  10. mark capocinno says:

    Available Strains

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  11. tellmelies90 says:

    simply Amazing´╗┐ shit

  12. Tristan Caris says:

    what was´╗┐ the music buy??

  13. jon doe says:

    uif ur shoppen 4 a light,,watch the unboxing video i made for this kick ass light´╗┐ i found on amazon,,,click my oicture,,or type in 00 watt apollo unbxing

  14. jon doe says:

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  16. Red Lion says:

    Yes, thats the nitrogen leaving´╗┐ the fan leafs then eventually the smaller leafs. This is a sign that its almost harvest time.

  17. Red Lion says:


  18. Red Lion says:

    Which strains?´╗┐

  19. oYahuDareMe says:


  20. mark white says:

    outstanding plant m8..´╗┐ UKgrower too RESPECT

  21. Dillon Marshall says:

    “Ever recorded”

    More like “Most amazing I EVER recorded”

    Fucking´╗┐ idiots trying to hawk horrible genetic seeds. I’ve seen 10X better auto flowering strains come from Chimps in the zoo throwing random seeds at me.

  22. haugstule says:

    dear mother of JAH…. that´╗┐ was some sweet crop dude!

  23. hogart hansan says:

    so you harvested 350 g from 2 massive Led panels?
    that hast to be like 1200 watt…
    thats ridiculous….the buds dont look good too.. no resin at all..
    And´╗┐ automatic strains just suck for indoor growing.
    1. u need 18 hours light all the time ( costs more money)
    2. the automatic strains have less resin and the high isnt that good compared to pure tropic sativas. (ruderalis part makes you dizzy, stoned and red eyed)
    3. Its not possible to clone automatic strains.
    4. The yield is to small

  24. tayfungazi says:

    well done sir´╗┐

  25. mentalissues41 says:

    down with the negative comments…well done sir… gonna try the DWC method next grow and´╗┐ see where it goes, been growing in soil…which has its drawbacks…i never had a root cluster anywhere near to that…well done!

  26. SuperTurtleNeck says:

    what kind of bulbs were the warning lights?´╗┐

  27. jayzacson says:

    Hi I’ve done the dash luster in my vx , do u remember which seller u bought ur LEDs from I’m having trouble finding some´╗┐ blue ones for my a/c area as they are a different to the others

  28. LordEthan2 says:

    Gday mate, whats the´╗┐ globes behind the Heater/Cooling knob assembly? Cheers – Ethan.

  29. sammy23ful says:

    What globes and how many´╗┐ of each are needed to do a full conversion? not just the cluster.

  30. gunnugg says:

    worst troll ever. Shows how retarded you are if you cannot even pick an accent. Cheers for the vid matty – did you have problems with polarity of the leds on the dash?´╗┐

  31. MagicPup69 says:

    is that a VT?´╗┐

  32. MagicPup69 says:

    you stupid´╗┐ motherfucking cunt. i fucking dare u to come here and say that to an Australian mate. you wont live. stupid piece of shit.

  33. commodore665 says:

    He´╗┐ is from Australia

  34. Preston Brooks says:

    hey british fuck did you know your´╗┐ steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car

  35. mattyvt93 says:

    They´╗┐ sound like the ones, but they always swap and change on ebay,

  36. michael galley says:

    hey mate,´╗┐ i just searched em on ebay and there are some for $53.99 they the ones? im unsure just cause they dont say anything about having air con lights, cheers

  37. mattyvt93 says:

    Hey mate, Havnt heard many bad things about these kits, If anything you only get some small dull spots in the cluster. I have had them in´╗┐ for over a year now and no problems with them failing ect.
    Alltho a professional job is the way to go, Next month a guy from a Sydney company called ASR Audio is coming to Melb, Ill be getting my dash done 100% properly now.

  38. Jackson Hart says:

    gday mate just wondering, theres a strong argument out there that says these conversions kits arent all that great and requiring replacing frequently? is this the case would u recommend´╗┐ one of these kits, or the alternative professional option?

  39. YNAQatar says:

    what size are the climate control lights?

  40. Luke Turner says:

    key ring is´╗┐ a t5 wedge

  41. mattyvt93 says:

    the´╗┐ gear selector is a T10 Globe/LED and the key ring im unsure of.

  42. flathead941 says:

    What´╗┐ size led was the gear strip eg the PNDR321 and the key ring???

  43. StealthyyyHD says:

    i bought sum of them of ebay for $20 to change my speedo and shit to blue i´╗┐ just havnt put them i yet

  44. d4rkice12 says:

    Hey man nice vid only 2 things to say next time u shld do a how to remove and dismantle car wld be awesome and to answer ur question about all the extra stuff ur car has eg fog light wires it cos every car from factory is the same from exc to sv6 they all share same body and electics so they just add or leave stuff off the car depending on the model and ur car even has all the bolt holes and everything for a manual to so If u wanted to convert it , it literally´╗┐ bolts straight on cos even a exec

  45. mattyvt93 says:

    Just hop on Ebay and search for vt or vx full dash light conversion kit´╗┐ ­čÖé

  46. 1710hayden says:

    ..go on ebay and type in´╗┐ led vt dash kit ­čÖé

  47. stove5432 says:

    Can u give me a link to where u got them from plz´╗┐

  48. 1710hayden says:

    ohh ok i had to get rid of the color in it. its a bit´╗┐ tricky, but it makes it brighter

  49. 1710hayden says:

    O_o´╗┐ my 1 doesnt

  50. mattyvt93 says:

    Hey there! Nah there is´╗┐ no film to take off, the plastic has the color in it.

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