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Lets Play Uncharted 3 Part 1 (1080P Campaign)

Posted: 6th March 2013 by iluminatu_admin in Uncategorised
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Join me on Twitter & Join me on FaceBook UC3 Playlist: Featured: Uncharted 3 Gameplay Part 1 (Let’s Play) 1080P Campaign Drake’s Deception is Published by SONY. This is available on PS3 2011 video is also designed by company mentioned above. From the Pope to Pelé to PSY, Twitter welcomed new […]

Welcome To 2012 ! (Mixed By Rony Z) *HD 1080p*

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My New Set To 2012 .. Enjoy And Share It 🙂 FaceBook Profile : FaceBook Fan Page : SoundCloud : Download Just In Fan Page ! : Playlist : 1. Michel Telo – Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Eden ES Shalev Remix My Edit 2012) 2.Paradiso Girls Feat. Lil Jon – […]

iPhone 4S ANNOUNCED ! (full specs and features) pt 1 in the lets talk iPhone event. Stay tuned for part 2 Video Rating: 2 / 5

Web browsing on the LG Optimus 2X – [1080p HD]

Posted: 3rd April 2012 by iluminatu_admin in Uncategorized
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Web browsing on the worlds fastest smartphone! First I’m watching a video in Full HD on youtube, then I’m browsing a website called ”” http Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 at the CES 2012 was flocked with people. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has revolutionized the AMOLED screens. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is really rich in color, and has many functions. Special thanks to Joe Willerth at the Samsung booth at CES for this hands on demo. We hope […]

Didn’t think I was going to make it out of that one alive! My Twitter: http A video blog discussing the Technology news of Friday 6th of January 2012. Lenovo launches a range of new Thinkpad Edge notebooks, AOC intros a new 1080P USB-powered display, the LG Spectrum smartphone is due to launch on January 19th. Google wish to unify the next generation Android devices with the default […]