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[Disclaimer: I am not resopnsible for any problems that happen to your device] _____________________________________________ [Please make sure your phone has at least 50% battery life, but the more the better. Also its always a good idea to remove your SIM card before doing this kind of thing] [Custom Ruu] [Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1] […]

How to install or flash NAND ROM on HTC HD2 without using the SD card version of Android. Using MAGLDR and the custom NAND ROM makes this high definition tutorial easy to follow. You will need to download the following MAGLDR Version 1.11 (Fixes Problems!!!): NAND Android ROM: Video Rating: 5 / 5

Thanks for checking out our personalized guide on how to hack your nook color. Please see below for the links and steps you need to take to do this fairly quickly and easily. Please check out our other clips at LINK 1 faceman [INTRO] So you bought a NOOKcolor, now what? (aka – A […]