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This video contains everything you need to know. This video covers installation of custom roms on a Captivate. Please see for questions and answers ======Downloads used in this video====== —Windows Drivers— 32 bit: 64 bit: —FIles— *SuperOneClickV1.7 – *Odin3 1.7- *Ursa Minor – *Andromeda3 – —Recovery Software— *Odin3 […]

WATCH in 480p or FULLSCREEN TO READ THE BLUE LETTERS !!!! —– DOWNLOAD LINKS: Sony Ericsson PC Companion(you can use Update Service too) but i used PC Companion in the vid: z4root: xRecovery 0.2: a custom rom (there are many others too, but this works well): LINK TO THIS VIDEO’s release […]

Installing custom rom on Huawei ideos X5

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Installing custom rom on Huawei ideos X5 -rom FLB Custom ROM with Online Kitchen -link and changelog

After you have those files on your phone 1.install flash rec.apk it backup recovery image 4.type this in the bar: sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.1H.img(for 32A) sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.1G.img(for 32B) 5. Click flash new recovery 6. find a rom here for appropiate phone: 7. rename rom 8.put on root of sdcard 9.turn off phone the boot up […]

Please read description: THIS WORKS FOR PSP GO!!!!!!!! AND ALL OTHER PSP’S!!!!!! THIS DOES NOT USE THE PANDORA HACK!!! HOORRAY!!!! JUST FOLLOW DA INSTRUCTIONS BELOW AND IN VIDEO!!! Custom firmware Pro-B9 allows homebrew and ISO/CSO to be played. No ISO loader needed to play ISO or CSO. Simply make an ISO folder on the root […]

(PART 3) Similar to my Samsung Galaxy S Full Customization Guide, this guide for the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G is designed to get you from your freshly bought phone to a customized powerhouse. This part (3) will show you how to: 1.) Install Rom Manager from the Market and flash the Clockwork Recovery image 2.) How […]

How To Flash A Custom Rom Htc Evo 4g

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Hey guy I made this video because a lot of people were asking for it. You can download the Virus VR superwipe form my website I will have written in insructions there and I have a lot of other cool stuff you can do with your Evo on there. Don’t forget to comment, rate, […]

How to install Darkys custom rom

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In this video I will show you how to Install Darky’s Extreme 9.3 custom rom. You can download Darkys rom from – You will also need to ensure that your phone is rooted and have Clockwork recoveryMod installed which can be obtained from the Android market. Please note that by flashing your phone you […]

This can give your phone nightmares, use anything here at your own risk!! Download the new root method, download Super User to intstall from recovery here, Devices supported with the ROOT Method, Desire/Desire CDMA, Wildfire, Aria, Incredible S/Droid Incredible 2,Desire S, ThunderBolt,Evo 4G, Evo 3D CDMA/GSM,View,Flyer,Sensation, myTouch 4G Slide and if you need […]

Virtuous Picasso Custom Rom Video Review

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Video review of Virtuous Picasso v1.0.3 by m-deejay. I didnt go into much detail about HC 3.1 if you want to know about mof HC 3.1 features check out the link below. Best rom out in my opinion based of the Asus Transformer rom. Its fast and stable. Comperable to Primee but offers alot more […]