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Unbelievable Dubstep Dance Skills | MUST WATCH!!

Posted: 9th March 2013 by iluminatu_admin in Uncategorised
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Music by: Dancer: Community Dance Channel: Please Comment,Like,Favorite,Share & Subscribe Thank You Check out the moves this guy pulls off while dancing to a dubstep remix of Foster the People’s hit song, ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. car crash accident rescue Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Borat and Zohan Dance on Chatroulette!

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Nuff said…

Jack of Sound never ceases to surprise! With ‘Eternal Night’ he pushes an epic ‘fairytale’ vibe through your speakers. Through his music, Jack of Sound spins a tale of a neverending night… And that’s exactly what ravers across the globe crave for: a night that never ends! Check out this beastly new track on Fusion […]

Very amazing and the best dance with fingers

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Samsung Galaxy SII has launched an advertising campaign in France «Unleash Your Fingers» / «Unleash your fingers.” Use in advertising stars YouTube – Unique dancers ekstremalschikov, athletes – can make a movie vivid and memorable. Examples are numerous. This same method used in France and Samsung, inviting participation in the promotion of the smartphone Galaxy […]

Peanuts – Snoopy drunk on root beer – Happy Dance

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Peanuts – Snoopy gets drunk on root beer to big band music, & does his Happy Dance.