Posts Tagged ‘Features’ – Mixing it up with Apple. Please Subscribe!!! And Thumbs Up In this tutorial you will learn the fundamentals of using iMessage on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad! iMessage is pretty cool because you don’t need phone service (technically) to use it. With iMessage I can text and talk to / FaceTime my friends […] – Mixing it up with Apple So I have heard about a lot of people making the switch from Android to Apple. And I applaud you guys! There is one thing that is very helpful to know when making this switch. One-time-Syncing importing your contacts from your Gmail account to iCloud and your iPhone […]

Simon Pierro “reviewed” the iPad 3 the magical way Meet me at Facebook: Thanks again to Masashi, Thomas, Christoph, Denis, Nils, Irv, Sören, Claus, Gerald, Achim, Grille, Dimi, Christian and his team, Florence (who looks even better without her costume) and especially Martin Mathias (for his wonderful beer magic) All your help […] – In this short video we talk iPhone 5. When will the iPhone5 be released and what will the iPhone 5 Features be? This is one of the most anticipated releases ever from Apple Video Rating: 3 / 5

iOS 5 Hidden Features for iPhone and iPad

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Watch Part One: Thanks to everyone who submitted a feature. Sorry I couldn’t feature them all, but if you want to do this again, tell me in the comments below. Thanks for watching. Follow me on twitter: Like me on Facebook: Add me to your Google + Circle: View my beautiful […]

New iPad 3 Launch – Highlights, Features and First Impression. New iPad 3 – All the key features you need to know about Apple’s new device launched today at Cupertino. Get ready for retinadisplay, quadcore, a5x, isightcamera, megapixels, ilife, iphoto, imovie, garageband, gaming, 4g, lte, ipad3releasedate, ipad3specs. Apple has officially unveiled its third-generation tablet device […]

The New Apple iPad “Features”

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I Donot Own Nything….No Copyright Infrignment Intended….Jus Enjoy The Awesomeness Of The New iPad ..Its Not Called The iPad 3 As Of Yet

Upcoming Features Of Apple iPhone 5

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The long awaited features of the upcoming iPhone5 — coming up this year! Upcoming Features 1) 5 inch Full Touch Screen Display. 2) 12 MP Camera with full HD Video Recording @ 1080i Resolution. 3) First iPhone with flash support. 4) Built In FM Radio transmitter. 5) Swype Support. 6) 3D Gaming. 7) Better Accelerometer.

iPhone 5 Features [2 of 4] – Laser Keyboard

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We demo the iPhone 5/4S feature of a laser keyboard in this Concept iPhone 5/4S video. The keyboard in this new iPhone design can be swiped out of the mobile device. Its different to the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3gs of today. We hope you enjoy this concept iPhone 5/iPhone 4S video more than the […]

Apple iPad 3 HD – Features, Specs, from Live Event San Francisco Apple today announced the iPad 3, the third generation of its popular tablet computer. Apple is officially calling it the “New iPad” to distinguish it from the iPad 2. our editor recommends Apple Expected to Introduce iPad 3 at March 7 Event Apple […]