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Wasup guys! Here is a the 5th Episode of Epic Skyrim Battles, I hope you are enjoying the current series and please feel free to comment with your suggestions and ideas. In this episode i put 10 Giants up against 10 Dwarven Centurions. I must say i was surprised at how quickly and easily the […]

Second installment of epic skyrim battles where i put many giants up against a variety of other creatures and animals. As you can see it was a very one sided fight with the Giants reaping total destruction onto the little furries. Hope you guys enjoy. A like and comment would be great. Thanks. More fun […]

So whilst trying to piss off giants, they chased me, where we met other creatures, which then developed into a huge battle! Was pretty cool experience, especially with the epic fight music haha Video Rating: 4 / 5

this was just awesome best fight ever Skyrim rocks Video Rating: 5 / 5