Posts Tagged ‘Google’ – Mixing it up with Apple So I have heard about a lot of people making the switch from Android to Apple. And I applaud you guys! There is one thing that is very helpful to know when making this switch. One-time-Syncing importing your contacts from your Gmail account to iCloud and your iPhone […]

Sígueme en Twitter! Contacto Prensa/Negocios: Twittéalo | Compártelo en Facebook Suscríbete, pulgar arriba ya favoritos n__n Página de Facebook: Twitter de WACHAtv: Mi canal personal: Lost Planet 3: Prototype 2: Resident Evil 6: Video Rating: 4 / 5 It might not look like much in the video, but this really is a useful Android application when you start using it. Evernote is almost like an extension of your memory – and it’s always available from your phone or PC. Great stuff! Cheers, Rob. Video Rating: 4 / 5 So you see, it’s really easy to install applications on Android Phones, and remember, unlike an iPhone, you don’t have to jail-break them to install apps from outside the Android Market-Place.

This is a quick review of a paid app I recommend. Great for multitasking from anywhere on your phone. I will be doing more app reviews and tutorials. Leaving feedback makes me make more vids. Please comment, rate, and subscribe. ****Join my Facebook Group***** Video Rating: 4 / 5

READ FIRST This is the eighty-second episode of BestTechInfo And Rumors! *Main topic: Next-generation iPhone 5,6 or the new iPhone’s proposed launch date Links to the articles discussed in this episode: 1. BestTechInfo’s graphics, layout, structure and been revamped: 2. Foxconn Recruiter Claims The Next-Generation iPhone Will Launch In June 3. AT&T Will […]

HTC Google Nexux One Rooted with Enomther’s 2.11 Froyo ROM Basics of the ROM Overclock to 1.113 ghz 720p recording LED/trackball customization For more info, go to

Welcome to the Mobile Nations Monday Brief, which rounds up all of the news of the week prior on the Smartphone Experts Network of Community Sites, including Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, WPCentral, and WebOSNation. You can subscribe to us at, and watch the video recap every Monday on your favorite sites above! Video Rating: […]

This week, we learn a new, easy way to jailbreak your iOS device and figure out how to shoehorn the much-lauded Swype keyboard on there. We also discover a few tricks to take advantage of Google Plus, the best way to organize furniture for a move, and the downloads of the day make their return. […]

DailyTechTV Q&A – Apple iOS or Google Android ?

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