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How To – Load a Custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy ( PLEASE LEAVE ALL COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE, Video Rating: 4 / 5

After you have those files on your phone 1.install flash rec.apk it backup recovery image 4.type this in the bar: sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.1H.img(for 32A) sdcard/recovery-RAv1.2.1G.img(for 32B) 5. Click flash new recovery 6. find a rom here for appropiate phone: 7. rename rom 8.put on root of sdcard 9.turn off phone the boot up […]

How To Load a Custom ROM on the Motorola

Posted: 27th March 2012 by iluminatu_admin in Uncategorized
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So you have a custom recovery on your Motorola Xoom but not sure what to do with it now? Well a custom ROM is the next step for you. With a custom ROM you can change the operating system user interface performance and a lot more. Ready? Here’s how to flash a custom ROM on […]

How To – Load a Custom ROM on the Nexus One ( PLEASE LEAVE ANY COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS ON OUR ACTUAL SITE, Video Rating: 4 / 5

For the necessary files, please head to our site here: That custom recovery is ready to go on your phone? Ready to use it for something? Well, the thing you can do with the most drastic increase in performance and feel you your device would be to load a custom ROM. Not only can […]