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See the full show! ★ ★ WAY➚ What is WAY? – See http So many new things coming with the iPhone 5! Join the conversation! e-mail me at: Twitter: or @ConnorTGN Video by Connor and TGN Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like this video, […]

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Watch Apple Ipad 3 Release Date And Review

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Download it : Here is what looks to be the New Apple iPad 3. With a new A6 chip and other features. The iPad 3 is already in production and looks as if it will be produced soon, mid 2012. However, Steve Jobs has passed and the new thinking behind the iPad 3 is […]

iPad 3 Rumors: The Final Countdown A day before what many hope will be the announcement of the new iPad 3 from Apple in San Francisco, speculation about what the new gadget will feature is hitting a fever pitch. Among the expectations: a new ultrasharp retina display that doubles the resolution of earlier iPads, a […]

Best Buy cuts prices all the time, but the latest discount has Apple-philes all in a tizzy. The store has begun offering off all iPad 2 models, and some say that news—combined with a shipping manifest signaling that manufacturer Foxconn could have a big project underway—spells the release of iPad 3. Apple Insider reports that […]


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So it looks like we finally have a concrete date.———————————————– Early to mid October seems to be when the next gen iPhone will be released. With fingers crossed, lets hope it’s not an Iphone 4S. iPhone 5 OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE iPhone 5 OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE iPhone 5 OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE – In this short video we talk iPhone 5. When will the iPhone5 be released and what will the iPhone 5 Features be? This is one of the most anticipated releases ever from Apple Video Rating: 3 / 5