Toyota 4Runner LED Tail Light Installation

Posted: 21st February 2013 by iluminatu_admin in Uncategorized
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This is a video I made demonstrating how to install LED Tail lights on a Toyota 4Runner. This is my 1999 4Runner, and you can see the difference is amazing. Feel free to ask any questions.

LED install in MK6 MKVI Golf
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  1. RevengeOfThaNerd says:

    Thank you

  2. modeyus1984 says:

    Now all you need are some led signal lights and reverse lights. Nice vid

  3. Manveer Randhawa says:

    is this the same way for toyota sequoia???????
    nice video by the way… where did u get the led lights?

  4. CamoKiller86 says:

    THANK YOU! <3

  5. fracovidalleona says:

    thanks a lot of i almost destroy tail light , until i wacth video ,frustation got out .

  6. chevronsymes says:

    Thanks man, I wasn’t sure about how to remove the tail light

  7. DebraJaye says:

    I just needed to know how to change a bulb in the tail light, and this helped me see how you take the assembly out…Yeah the filming was a bit shaky, but heck, I was able to change out a burnt out brake bulb. Thanks!

  8. Matanumi says:

    looks a lot more complicated then tacoma

  9. Kiss Kiss says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the vid bro!! made it look simple/easy. This is going on my to do list.

  10. bcalz420 says:

    hey, i have the same car, where did you get those lights?

  11. gailardiar says:

    Bitcher quit bitchin.

  12. CorvetteKoRn2 says:

    Sorry I couldn’t please you, so don’t watch it. Like I’ve said before, wasn’t intended to be a Hollywood production.

  13. SA Bjork says:

    Worst filming I have ever seen. Too hard to watch.

  14. zapotecas73 says:

    where you get the tail light can you sen me a resp. please

  15. zapotecas73 says:

    hey where you get the tail light can you sen me a rep. please

  16. majjuus says:

    yeah ofcourse, but he could always ask someone else to hold the cam.. The 17k people who watched, is worth one guy extra to hold cam.

  17. CorvetteKoRn2 says:

    Wasn’t intended to by a Hollywood production, just some dude with a digital camera

  18. majjuus says:

    I don’t need help with this, but this was bloody bad filming : p
    Sure it helps for the one who need it though

  19. pergousongandra says:

    We just got a 1999 Toyota 4Runner today! My neighbor thought it was like a 2004!! They have great styling, Especially on the limited!

  20. Adam Alsnayyan says:


  21. CorvetteKoRn2 says:

    My pleasure.

  22. CorvetteKoRn2 says:

    @fronteraomar Heard of that being an issue on some of the trucks. Usually happens when you swap the 3rd one out, too.

    Google “4runner ABS light after LED install” and see if that helps you.

  23. CorvetteKoRn2 says:

    woooo aoxvolcom!

  24. CorvetteKoRn2 says:

    @toyota4life94 After a quick Google search, I couldn’t find much. Looks like the only choice are some of those ugly Altezza lights… sorry.

  25. CorvetteKoRn2 says:

    that’s just a normal blanket lol

  26. lochias says:

    how did you manage to turn off the dash warning for the light?

  27. chevyrokr7012 says:

    if its an mkvi body it will

  28. RAP1073 says:

    I like the LED its better than the normal Light and looks better

  29. shireenh92 says:

    Do the LEDs on the taillight stay on in the day even if you dont turn the headlight switch on?

  30. nezerac says:

    ahahahahahahaha. riight. says the guy determined to spend 700 bucks on shitty tail lights. i bet you this guy sold em and got his money back. I bet he thinks you’re stupid too 😀

  31. Masrur Odinaev says:

    I wonder if they will fit ’10 GTI

  32. MrTwodotfive says:

    Haha. Sorry buddy I didn’t create dummy emails just to down-vote you. Coming from the guy who just wrote three long comments to respond to my three sentences? Ooh, sounds like somebody got hurt. I’m not pathetic like you buddy. What debate? Where did a debate come into play? LOL. You’re pathetic and no one is debating that. The End.

  33. nezerac says:

    and then your “witty” retaliations are amateur at best. I don’t like it when people try to insult me in the most pathetic fashion, with the slightest amount of articulation, and with the vocabulary of a 5yr north korean child whose teaching himself english. How about this? How about you come back and debate when you actually have something to say instead of just letting all that diahrrea run out of your mouth. now go look up diahrrea to see if i spelled it wrong because you’re that PATHETIC!!!

  34. nezerac says:

    ya and i bet you clicked that vote down button under 5 different accounts before you got tired of making dummy e-mails. you ARE a fanboy. Anyone who didn’t go “well he’s got a point” when i said those tail lights aren’t worth 700 bucks is a fanboy. especially when you can make your own that look 10x better and probably way less than half the price that NO ONE else can buy and bolt onto their car. so suck my dick. feel it banging against the back of your throat. you know you like it 😉

  35. nezerac says:

    OMG dude. you really wanna try and trash me on youtube? how old are you 14? of course you wouldn’t understand you don’t own a car and you don’t work, or pay rent, or buy food, or pay insurance, and your balls are probably still tucked up right under your dick so you don’t have to buy condoms either. how about this? how about you spend your money on tail lights and i’ll spend my money on a megasquirt3 system. you fall into the ricer category. all show no go, all bark no bite.

  36. MrTwodotfive says:

    I can talk to you any way I want because you’re my bitch. Haha and fyi i’m not a fanboy of anything. I’m not most definitely NOT defending stupidity. Where in my post do you see me defending you?

  37. Favian Claro says:

    well done. looks solid

  38. nezerac says:

    ya everyone got all “omg whhat an assshoooole!” lmao. fuck off dude. they are. you’re a fanboy. especially when there’s some boss ass shit out there that people MAKE that doesn’t cost 7 bills. don’t fuckin talk to me like i’ve made myself look any type of way. you can defend stupidity but it doesn’t stupidity but this shit was STUPID! i bet he’s trying to sell his shit on craigslist right. dumbass.

  39. MrTwodotfive says:

    lol no one is getting butt hurt but you. Also, no one called you stupid or an ass. We didn’t need to because you’ve already made yourself look that way. Actually plenty people notice these “p.o.s” tail lights. People that aren’t “vdubb FANBOY” haha so keep getting mad bro.

  40. nezerac says:

    Get butt hurt if you guys want.. But the fact is that those tail lights fucking SUCK! And you sheep are willing to pay some asshole 7bills for it. now call me stupid. call me an ass. but the fact is that 7bills can buy a lot for a car. and if you waste em on tail lights maybe you should come spend 6 grand on this pedal i have in the shape of a foot. my logic prevails because I’m not a Vdubb FANBOY! Go waste your cash and see if anyone NOTICES your p.o.s. tail lights. FAGS

  41. RBFlo84 says:

    are there tints on these tail lights? cherry red?

  42. MrTwodotfive says:

    Lol yeah these lights are nice. And you can buy the reps for 3-400 cheaper from the forums.

  43. MrTwodotfive says:

    hey hey hey hey hey. hey. hey. So much fail in your comment. Your logic prevails? I’m surprised you’re allowed to operate a computer.

  44. nezerac says:

    HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!!!! I’m down on hours at work. Got a bit more free time until summer semester starts. aside. i was probably brash but at th same tim 700 bucks for tail lights is moronic. regardless of your stabs at me for watching “the entire thing” i still feel like what moron spends 700bucks on tail lights and installs them himself? really if you have that kinda dough. take it to a shop soif thy break its not on you at least! my logic prevails. look up /watch?v=X9mgulVWSA0 then talk shit.

  45. PlayerzAnthem says:

    he is just mad he cannot afford neither the taillights nor the car I love my MKV and wish i had a MKVI so i could grab myself a pair of these.

  46. Sean Docherty says:

    Thanks for the video bud , installed my lights within 10mins including coding .

  47. Siqi Chen says:

    Does the installation require coding process?

  48. JsRacingTeamAU says:

    Did you really take 4 minutes to realize that when the title tells you exactly what this is?

  49. colin martin says:

    see my safety video… these are dangerouse…

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