Icons galore! Customizing the homescreen with Multicon Widget on screens previously customized with Desktop Visualizer and Widgetsoid. Again, the cool custom icons came from XDA Developers Forum. ****NOTE**** If you noticed the side insert of me actually manipulating the screen is much clearer it’s because I picked up a new camera today with the intention of doing app reviews and creating videos with some more motion in them. STAY TUNED! Links XDA Developers – www.xda-developers.com Icon Collection Discussion Thread – forum.xda-developers.com HD Icon Pack (1) by mikebeecham – forum.xda-developers.com HD Icons Pack 2 by mikebeecham – forum.xda-developers.com DINIK’s “HD2” IconSet – forum.xda-developers.com X2K2’s Tiles Icons – forum.xda-developers.com Metrogloss Icons (used in dock bar and used as templates for custom icons) – forum.xda-developers.com Custom Earrings & More by Senia (she modified the Metrogloss icons for me) – www.yeseniagaribay.com My Other Channel – www.youtube.com Market Page Multicon Widget – market.android.com Widgetsoid – market.android.com Desktop Visualizer – market.android.com

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