This is a quick video of me testing the brightness of my tail lights. 30 LED bulbs soldered on a circuit board. I show a little bit of me making it too.

  1. mapleboii101 says:

    where did you get those tail lights from?

    Ive been looking for aftermarket taillights for my 97 celica for ages haha

  2. match417 says:

    yeah, for the flasher and brake to work at the same time you would need two rows. If it was a brake/running light setup then you could have two different voltage levels on the light board going through both lights. A resistor on one positive wire and a resistor on the other positive wire. One could make each LED voltage one level and the other could make it 0.5v higher. So 3.0v and 3.5v or something. So when the running lights are on it’s 3.0v at each LED, and when the brakes come on it’s 3.5v.

  3. Dutch Masters says:

    thanks for the help. so will i need to solder up more rows of leds seperately with the flasher wire or will the same leds just get brighter?

  4. match417 says:

    it depends on what that bulb does that you’re replacing. Is it a two filament bulb or are they separate? If it is flasher and brake then your LED board needs two positive wires and one negative wire. The flasher will connect to one and the brake will connect to the other, they can share a ground. One will have to be brighter than the other.

  5. Dutch Masters says:

    I have a question maybe someone can help with. I have made an led board and have my positive and negative leads ready to be connected to taillight wire harness. which wire is for the flasher and brake? and does it get soldered to the positive also? thanks in advance for any help.

  6. match417 says:

    I’m not sure. When I bought the 200 LEDs they also sent me 200 resistors for connecting 1 LED to 12v.

  7. cadavis19832 says:

    Hey man what size resistors did you use? Good vid.

  8. maarrsseelli says:

    tint those tail lights mate. youll get a sick sick look on your car ;)

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