LED Headlights

Posted: 8th February 2013 by iluminatu_admin in Uncategorized

This is the evolution of my LED Headlight senior design project at Western Washington University. Headlights are 12 and 24 watt arrays of LUXEON® K2 LEDs. These lights are visibly brighter then the stock incandescent bulbs. The halogen bulb is around 10% efficient at converting energy into light, which means that a 65 watt bulb puts out about 6.5 watts of actual light, and not all the light that is produced is within our visible spectrum. In other words, it emits some light we cannot see. The LEDs run at about 80% efficiency, so the 24 watt version is delivering 19.2 watts of light, all within the visible spectrum. The final version of the headlight ended up in the WWU X-Prize competition car which achieved 187mpge.
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  1. Chinesemastermind says:

    one issue leds have is they don’t have perfect refresh rate. ive done tests indoors and when you move your hand around they can give that illusion of your hand looking like it is moving in slower motion. i don’t feel the refresh rate it totally road safe. . i personally think old style halogen bulbs are the most considerate to other road users

  2. Selena L says:

    Hi,TOPCITY 24W led headlight is launched !

  3. Daniel Son says:

    good review!!
    hey what song is that playing in the backround??

  4. anishannayya1 says:

    Modern headlights have reflectors, which prevent people from getting blinded providing you use the OEM-sized blub and your headlamp assemblies are calibrated.

    That’s the reason why you can get blinded by an older car with halogens, but rarely do when a new car with HIDs drive past.

  5. DeWina512 says:

    in Australia it not

  6. tinleo333 says:

    too much glare is illegal in most countries
    and i live in the usa

  7. DeWina512 says:

    you dont anything about the Australian laws mate.

  8. tinleo333 says:

    is actually illigal you can get a fine for that just like if you put HID in a car design for halogen bulbs

  9. tinleo333 says:

    no too much glare for coming cars.

  10. DeWina512 says:

    yeah it good for head lights as well.

  11. tinleo333 says:

    is goood for all lights in the car but not for headlights

  12. DeWina512 says:

    it will be better it last long time i got LED in my reverse lights and license plate light

  13. tinleo333 says:


  14. DeWina512 says:

    it will not blind other drivers silly.

  15. elmalkriao100 says:

    Ya niggas is corny as hell!

  16. cjjesse says:

    You guys didn’t show how far the beam lights up the road…

  17. mquiroz90 says:

    @YourGodIsBullShit u think there be heat proof LEDs

  18. mquiroz90 says:

    How long can LEDs last can it last for like 10 to 18 years?

  19. 1989blui says:

    you cats are funny! lol

  20. tinleo333 says:

    now is time to blind the other drivers?

  21. garys1nj says:

    I know this video is old and perhaps outdated by technology advances but can you post some details or provide a link to share some of your experience?? how did you handle high beam low beam, what raw materials did you buy and integrate, what driver, which LEDs, where did the post come from, who assembled the array, why the monster heatsink & fan (you said 1 AMp and I know the 10W LED floods run about 800ma w/o a fan…

  22. tommyguns4life says:

    Thats awsome id like to do something like that to my fog lights on my dodge ram. 

  23. 1983Bantam says:

    That’s pretty cool. The heatsink behind the headlight is hilarious and inventive.

  24. KriDawg420 says:

    I like your work… Im working on a similar project myself… I work with LED’s for a living….. Props to you man and I saw your more refined LED light with the heat sink in the other video… NICE WORK!

  25. KriDawg420 says:

    Im trying to do this for a motorcycle head light

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